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Invincible Floating

Size / Weight Swimming depth
5 cm, 6 g 1 m
8 cm, 8 g 2 m
12 cm, 24 g 2 m
15 cm, 30 g 3 m
18 cm, 40 g 3,5 m

20 cm, 70 g 6 m
25 cm, 120 g 6  m


Size / Weight
25 cm , 120 g


Invincible Shallow

Size / Weight
15 cm , 20 g

Nils Master Invincible

Has a slightly arched shape which produces a revolutionary swimming action that was new when it was introduced in the 1960's. Like its name, the Invincible, is one of the most successful fish catchers. The Nils Master Invincible lure has the acclaim of catching the record Pike 18,8 kg on 12 cm invincible in Finland. A Swedish record pike catch of 17,6 kg on 15 cm invincible. Official records include a 27.1 kg barramunti caught in Australia on 15 cm invincible.
Its unique swimming action and effective colour combinations have caught record amounts of big fish for many happy fishermen all over the world. The Invincible wobbler floats on the surface but just a slight retrieve of pull gets it diving with a swimming action that imitates a bait fish. When the pulling stops the Invincible bobs back to the surface. The Invincible wobbler is easy to cast, and is great for trolling.

A group of fishing experts from Finland carried out tests for a fishing magazine and the Nils Master Invincible lure was clearly proven to catch more Pike over 10 Kg than any other lure.


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